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Nobody wakes up in the morning and plans to go to jail, but if that is what happens to your day it is nice to know that there is a fully trained bail bond agent available. Cousin's Bail Bonds in Gretna, LA can not only post your bail, but also offers you credit plans that will help you make your bond and give you a monthly payment schedule to pay it back.

We have a fully trained bondsman, available 24 hours a day, that can post bonds nationwide and we finance personal credit plans that will fit your budget and get you released. Whether you have been involved in an unfortunate incident or arrested on an outstanding warrant, your goal is always to get out of jail as quickly as possible. You will appear before a judge, who will determine if you can be released, pending your trial, and the conditions of that release.

Many times they will require you to agree to return for all required court dates and sometimes they will insist that you secure that promise by posting a cash bond, which will be returned when you have appeared at all of your court hearings and trials. Sometimes they will release you on your word, or promise, to attend all court appearances. When released on your own recognizance, you do not have to post a cash bond to guarantee your appearance.

If you are required to post bail, and you do not have the cash available, Cousin's Bail Bonds of Gretna, LA can get you approved for credit plans that will take care of your problem. The next time you find yourself, or a loved one, in jail and needing bail bond financing, connect with our experienced bail bondsman.